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About Us

At Hands of life, we treat the aches and pains you do not want to live with. Having healthy muscles lead to happier joints. With the stress we all go through daily, this is a place where you get to relax and put yourself first. There are many massage styles, modalities and techniques. Therefore, we will build a treatment plan that is customized to your individual needs.

If our muscles are healthy and happy, less structural issues are likely to occur, delaying our body's wear and tear. Our custom-made creams' healing agents support your facia's health. Maintaining the skin, your first line of defense vibrant and strong. There are so many benefits to massage and the creams we tailor-make. Take some time to look at our site, contact us with any questions. We look forward to assisting you live a better life.


"Massage does not have a starting age. It's for the whole family!" -Ava Henry


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About Our Therapist


Ayesha Nesbeth AguilaAyesha Nesbeth-Aguila our Massage Therapist was introduced to massage at an early age of seven during the time she lived in El Salvador as an army brat. It was then her interest of the human anatomy and massage was sparked. Following the traditional track Ayesha went to college majoring in Commercial construction management but realized that it was not the path she wanted to take. Ayesha turned to horticulture which has been a hobby of hers since a little girl in her Grandmother’s garden. She worked in horticulture for years before deciding to pursue Massage Therapy as a profession.


Working with plants and outdoors does a number on one’s skin. This is when Ayesha started making her own creams, ointments and bath salts. “I would get cuts and bruise easily, which lead me to research which herbs facilitate a faster healing time and what mixture will benefit dry skin.” Ayesha now has combined the two and uses her own line of skin care to aid the healing process of her clients’ skin while she therapeutically treats them with massage. The science behind why things help is what Ayesha loves about massage and horticulture.


As a graduate of Atlanta School of Massage Ayesha received extensive knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, pathology, orthopedic and neuromuscular massage. After moving around Central and North America, Ayesha now calls Roswell Georgia her home. She resides with her spouse, son, Oscar their boxer dog and a few fish tanks around the home. The energy of Ayesha’s interest for things can be contagious. She is typically Zen like until you tap into her passions then her bubbly personality pops through. Ayesha still enjoys horticulture, the army brat in her loves to travel and learning about different cultures.